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School Trips

School trips to Germany: we organise your German language learning experience.

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Group experience

German courses in Germany for closed groups or school groups

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School Trips - courses for closed groups and school classes

  • German language tuition in closed groups
  • Tailor made language programme, which can cover specific topics on request (exam preparation, tourism, literature etc.)
  • Accommodation available in host families,  hotels or residences
  • Social programme and day trips
  • Visits to local businesses
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German Language Programmes for school classes and groups

We offer special programmes for school groups visiting Germany from other countries (14-18 years old) with accompanying staff or teachers. In addition to lessons in the morning , an interesting program professionally taken care of by our pedagogic staff, the programme includes activities, which can include day trips.

School groups must consist of a minimum of 12 students.

ADK offers pupils the chance to attend a language course with their classes and teachers.

We have many years of experience in organising stays and trips for school groups and other groups. We offer an immersive experience of the language, in the form of small projects (e.g. interviews, creating a school paper, scavenger hunts) in an authentic environment, which helps give young people confidence communicating successfully in a foreign language, and can motivate students to continue learning German when they return home.

When young people have a chance to try using the language they've learned in the classroom back home in everyday situations, without worrying about exams or grades, it helps motivate them, and fosters a real interest in the language and culture. In the lessons, young people play games, listen to contemporary German pop music, and get some time outside the classroom working on short activities like interviews.

If you are interested, talk to our teachers about the lessons or sit in one of our classes.


The best way to learn German is to spend time in Germany and learn the language in a way that's interesting and motivates you to learn. The lessons are adapted to fit to the language level of the group, and we only speak German in the classroom, giving learners the chance to make significant progress in just a short time.

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You can book a course for one or more weeks throughout the year. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the course.

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In Augsburg we organize everything for you - our offer includes

  • Full board accommodation (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner) starting with dinner on your day of arrival and ending with a packed lunch on your day of departure) with carefully selected host families
  • Accommodation for the accompanying teachers/parents in the accommodation of your choice (host family or hotel)
  • Tuition and teaching material, city maps and information
  • Day trips and weekend trips (Munich, Royal Castles, etc.)
  • Activities like games, cinema, sport, bowling, salsa dancing
  • Guided city tours
  • Visits to exhibitions, museums and companies
  • Entrance fees for visits and activities, which are part of ADK’s day trip and activity programme
  • Tickets for public transport for the whole stay
  • Transfer by the host family at arrival and departure (to and from Augsburg train station or bus station); transfer from Munich Airport available on request
  • General liability insurance
  • The afternoon and evening activities and day trips are organised by our team
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Prices & Packages

Prices are available upon request.

We offer tailor made German language programmes for groups designed to meet the needs of the group. Groups can create their own package by choosing from the list below.

Packages can include:

  • German language tuition in mixed nationality or closed groups
  • Tailor made language programme / specific topics on request (exam preparation, tourism, literature etc.)
  • Host family or hotel/residential accommodation
  • Social programme and excursions
  • Company visits
Good to know

For groups of 10+ students, we offer free host family accommodation for 1 group leader per 10 students.

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Our Package includes

  • Orientation walking tour of Augsburg
  • Guided tour of the historical buildings, old town and churches
  • An Afternoon in the museums (Textilmuseum, Maxmuseum, Römisches Museum, Brechthaus, Mozarthaus – just to name some of them – students can make their choice)
  • Evening activity such as bowling or Salsa Dancing class
  • Full day trip to Munich or Bavarian castles
  • 20 lessons tuition in morning classes
  • Full-board host family accommodation sharing twin rooms
  • Free single room host family accommodation for 1 group leader per 15 students
  • Welcome pack, placement test & level certificate

Please contact us with your group requirements and we will send you a detailed quotation/proposal for your group.

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Ever since its founding by the Roman Emperor Augustus, Augsburg has been an important trading city. In the fourteenth century, the rich and influential Fugger and Welser families turned Augsburg into a city of international importance, a city of emperors, the home and workplace of many famous artists, sculptors and composers. Augsburg has been shaped by its 2000 year history, and offers an array of architectural styles, from many historical periods.

Today Augsburg is, as the third largest city in Bavaria with 275,000 inhabitants. It is a university city, the seat of the Swabian government, an important economic location for many international companies as well as a city popular with young people.

The school

The school is situated right in the city centre, about 2 minutes walk from the main train station and Königsplatz.


Full board accommodation (with packed lunch for lunch; starting with dinner on your day of arrival, ending with a packed lunch on your day of departure) in carefully chosen host families in double-bed or single rooms.

Staying with a German homestay family, you gain more than just an insight into a new culture. Many of our students and their hosts become friends for life.