Student information

In order for your German language course to be a success, you absolutely have to participate in a group that has your level of German.

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Student information

To learn German effectively, you need to be in a group with other students who have the same level of German as you. This is why we give all new students a placement test before they arrive. Before courses start, you will receive a diverse placement test from us by email. On the first day of course, you will be placed into the right level, based your test results.

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For detailed information on current entry requirements and any visa requirements that may apply, please contact the German Foreign Office: Visa for entering Germany (Federal Foreign Office). Please note that it is not possible to extend a residence permit in Germany if you enter Germany as a tourist (without a visa), or with a Schengen visa. If you are planning to stay for an extended period of time, you must apply for a visa for Germany specifically. Simplified visa regulations apply only to a limited number of countries, such as the USA, Japan, South Korea.

Please contact the German embassy, consulate or similar representative of the Federal Republic of Germany in your home country at least 12 weeks before you plan to travel, to find out if you need a visa to enter or stay in Germany. If you wish to study in Germany after completing your language course, please indicate this in your visa application.

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Visa Information

(for non-EU nationals - except Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico and Israel).

Please check the Visa requirements at "Auswärtiges Amt" in time.

For a visa application for attending a language course you will need (among other things):

  1. Proof of registration for an Intensive language course / the final confirmation from ADK that you have paid for your course in full (this confirmation is equivalent to the "Invitation" required by the embassy): Certificate of registration  / receipt of course fees
  2. Proof of sufficient funds to finance your stay
  3. Confirmation that you have taken out health insurance and accident insurance valid in Germany.

Upon receipt of payment you will receive a confirmation of course registration and partial payment via regular post. If you prefer the letter to be sent by express courier service please send an additional amount of EUR 80,00

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Health insurance

Does your health insurer provide you with adequate coverage for your stay in Germany? (For example: blue insurance card issued for EU states.)

If your health insurance is not valid in Germany, then we urgently advise you to take out health coverage for the duration of your course at ADK. We can recommend a company that has been our insurance partner for many years, and which we've had good experiences with, called Care College.

The best course of action is to take out insurance online immediately after booking your course: Booking online health insurance . You will receive the insurance papers (including an insurance confirmation for your visa application) by email.

The insurance package, which costs €28 per month, will give you insurance coverage from when you enter Germany and for the entire duration of your stay at ADK, and it is tailored to the legal requirements in Germany. It does not cover any costs for the treatment of pre-existing conditions or follow-up treatment.


You can register for our courses online.

Preliminary confirmation

Within three working days we will send you a confirmation of your registration, specifying a payment deadline for the course fees and our bank account details. If you require an original confirmation by airmail, please let us know when you register.

Payment of tuition fees

Please pay the course fees by bank transfer. Please clearly indicate the participant's name in the reference so that we know which participant the payment is for.

Final confirmation

As soon as the course fee is credited to our account, we will send you a final confirmation by email. We can post letters on request. You need to submit this confirmation with your other documents when you apply for your visa, and it can be used instead of the "invitation", as ADK does not issue invitations.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Age of students

The average age in our Intensive Courses is 18-25, (age range between 16 – 60 years), in the Summer Courses 14 – 18 years

There is no deadline, as long as we have a place available, and we accept ‘last minute’ bookings. Students from non-EU countries with visas for a limited time should sign up at least 3 months before the start of the course.
Arrival and Departure

Students normally arrive on the Sunday between 4

-7 p.m. before the course  starts. If you wish to arrive earlier or later, please give us plenty of notice otherweise we cannot guarantee your accommodation!


The textbooks are not included in the course fee and cost approximately € 18,00 per level [8 weeks]. These books can be loaned to you if you are only staying for a short time.

 Placement Test

This test is taken on your first day at 9am, and takes approximately 40 minutes to complete [without a dictionary]. After the test is corrected, we talk with you briefly and place you in an appropriate class.

 Free Time

In the Summer Courses, the afternoon activities [2 – 5 pm] are included in the price. In the Intensive Courses, we do not offer regular activities.


We recommend around € 50 pocket money per week for the students in the Summer Courses. Because all activities, transport and meals are included in the course fee, this pocket money is for souvenirs, etc. Adults in the Intensive Courses who book accommodation with breakfast and dinner have some additional costs [transport, lunch etc.]


There is no homework in the Summer Courses, as the activities run until 5 pm. Homework is given in the Intensive Courses, approximately 2 hours of written exercises and additional study per day.

Class Size

Intensive courses average class size 16-20. During peak seasons class sizes may vary. Summer courses 12-14 students per class.


All of our teachers are tertiary qualified and experienced, dispose of a University degree in Germany and are acknowledged by the German Bundesamt.

 Teaching Materials

Our teachers provide their own materials everyday [exercises, vocabulary lists etc.], which are used in addition to the course textbook and tailored to each individual class. This is included in the price.


We are a ISO certified school and guarantee quality – experienced and well trained teachers, current lesson material, small multicultural classes, contemporary methods, and plenty of variety in the timetable [listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises every day]. Our teachers regularly further their own education for your benefit as well.


In the Summer Courses, sport is played regularly . For those in the Intensive Courses, we gladly help you look for the club, association or activity group of your choice.

Tertiary Study in Germany

Our Intensive Courses prepare you for the entrance exam. In order to study formally in Germany, you must sit Telc C1 Hochschule or DSH-Exam or the TestDaF-Exam.

Refunds, Cancellation, Conditions of Participation

Please see our Internet application form. In the case that a Visa is not granted, we expect a notice at least 7 days before the scheduled course starting date to refund the course fees minus non-refundable fees € 100,00 handling fees. Refunds will be only made to the relevant person and never in cash.


We organize transfer from Munich Airport [€ 55,00 single], where you are picked up directly from the gate at the airport and taken to your address in Augsburg. We recommend this service especially for under-age students, or students with a limited knowledge of German who are worried about travelling alone. There are also regular trains from Munich Airport  [€15], which depart every 20 minutes. On request we will provide you with the exact times after confirmation of your flight details.


Most of our students live with homestay families with meals provided [‘Halbpension’ means breakfast and dinner with the family, ‘Vollpension’ means 3 meals a day – a packed lunch is provided upon request]. Please inform us immediately of any allergies to any particular food, in order to avoid any unfortunate situations! Students in the Summer Courses are always housed two-to-a-room with 3 meals a day and no two students with the same mother tongue are housed with the same family.

 Teaching Methods

We consider small, homogenous classes with a maximum of  20 students to be a prerequisite for a successful language course. We can guarantee fast progress through individual attention and a lot of speaking practice. We are of the opinion that the German language consists of a lot more than just vocabulary and grammar. Our balanced combination of grammar, conversation, listening comprehension, reading and writing, in conjunction with communicative games, German films and newspapers, guarantees a friendlier and more exciting atmosphere in which to work and learn.
Lesson Times

Intensive Course – Monday to Friday, 8:45 to 12.45.  Summer Course – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8.30am – 12.45pm, with a whole-day trip on Wednesday.


We offer, upon request, private health insurance for our students from abroad [from €29 per month]. Information can be found here: care college


Participants from non-EU countries require a visa. A student visa can be obtained in your home country [for up to 12 months], which requires confirmation from ADK that the enrolment has been submitted and a deposit paid. Please note that this procedure can take a few weeks.


If required, the homestay families will gladly do the washing for long-term students. However, please keep in mind that they are not laundromats!


Weekends are off, with no classes on Saturday or Sunday.


Every student receives an ADK-Certificate upon completion of the course, on which achievement is assessed and the number of hours completed is noted.


It is possible that during free time activities and courses that photos to be taken which will be published by ADK on the internet. Should you not be in agreeance with this, please share that with us on the day of your first course.