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Terms and Conditions

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The minimum age is 16, except for summer courses, for which the minimum age is 14. Participants under the age of 18 need to provide a signature from a parent or legal guardian. Students are expected to behave appropriately towards host families, roommates, fellow students or any member of staff at ADK at all times. In case of major violations of our rules or of German law, we reserve the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect.


We will confirm your registration, as part of this confirmation, we will request the transfer of an initial payment of 100. This initial payment serves as a deposit and is part of your tuition fee. The remaining amount must be transferred at least 2 weeks before the course is due to start. By registering for a course, you accept the following general terms and conditions of ADK. The application is legally valid and you are contractually obliged to pay the course fees. ADK claims the right to cancel registration in case of non-payment. Special agreements, such as payment in instalments, are only available on request.

Bank information

Beneficiary - Account holder:
Bernhard Weichlein
Commerzbank Augsburg, Holbeinstrasse 3, 86150 Augsburg
Account number:
103 190 900
Bank code:
BLZ 720 800 01
Swift Code:
DE92 72080001 0103190900

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Cancellation / Booking Changes

Unless otherwise arranged, the following charges apply in the case of cancellations:

  • If you cancel up to 14 days before the course starts we will refund everything except the deposit of 100.
  • If you cancel less than 14 days before the course is due to start, we will retain 4 week's worth of course fees.
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If a Visa is refused: all fees received will be refunded, except an administrative fee € 100, if we receive the refusal letter at least 1 week before the course is due to start. In order to receive a refund, you must provide us with proof that your visa has been rejected. It is not possible to cancel is possible after the course has begun, or if you have already started a course. Repayment can only be made to the person or company who made payment, and cannot be paid in cash.

If we are obliged to cancel a course in advance due to an insufficient number of students, we will refund all fees. We are unable to compensate students further.

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ADK arranges either single or shared rooms with host families. We cannot guarantee we can cater to all your preferences or special requests. We do not make room reservations for those who do not hold a Visa. Participants are required to behave respectfully and appropriately towards host families, roommates, fellow students and all members of ADK staff at all times. Students must pay for any damage they cause.

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Arrival / Departure

Homestay rooms can be booked weekly. Checkin Sunday from 4 to 7 p.m., checkout Saturday before noon. If your arrival is earlier than that or late please give a notice to your host and/or ADK otherwise we cannot guarantee guests are received at that time. Late departure only on request.

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House rules & Disciplinary action for bad behaviour

ADK exercises complete house authority over the entire premises. Students are expected to behave respectfully and appropriately towards  host families, roommates, fellow students and to all members of ADK staff. In case of major violations against general customs, inappropriate behaviour or violations of German laws (for example, theft, drug abuse, injuries to persons or damage of property), ADK reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect.  ADK will not refund any payments in this instance.

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Any complaints or issues must be reported to  ADK during the participants’ stay in Germany. Only then it is possible to provide resolve any issues, problems or complaints related to tuition, accommodation or any other aspect of the course or stay. Any complaints filed after you have left Germany cannot form the basis for any reimbursement claims.

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Lessons / group size

ADK reserves the right to move classes to the afternoon.

In peak season, class sizes may vary.

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Bank holidays / annual closing

No tuition not taking place due to German bank holidays will be compensated. Group tuition will be canceled. Annual closing summer 2 weeks and Christmas 2 weeks. Courses booked within the annual closing period will be extended for the respective number of course weeks.

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Disabilities / illness

We apologize but our premises are not suitable for clients in wheelchairs.

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Tuition fees do not include insurance arrangments. Please understand that ADK cannot be held financially responsible for unforeseen catastrophes or for personal or health problems. We strongly recommend that you make your own insurance arrangements (health and liability). 

In the unfortunate event of early or untimely cancellation of your ADK courses, no claim can be made for waiver or reimbursement of the agreed sum or portion thereof.

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Declaration of agreement

Any photos taken during the German language course may be used in the promotional material of ADK or published on the Internet, unless you explicitly refuse your consent for your face to be shown.

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The agreement is construed in accordance with and is subject to German law. Place of fulfillment is Augsburg, Germany. ADK reserves the right to program changes and to revise calculation, printing and translation errors.

Place of jurisdiction: Augsburg

10th November 2021

Director & general management of ADK