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No summer courses in 2024!

In the summer, we offer courses for young learners, including 20 German lessons a week, as well as a fantastic activity program, which includes sport, games and fun activities in the afternoon and a day trip every week.

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German summer courses with leisure programme for young learners

We look forward to welcoming international young learners. We offer summer courses for young learners between the ages of 14-18 years.

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Summer courses for young learners

Intensive German courses for young learners

ADK Augsburger Deutschkurse is a certified acknowledged language school, which specialises in teaching German as a Foreign language. We offer students lessons in the morning and accommodation in Augsburg with local host families, to give our young learners an experience of linguistic and cultural immersion and an experience of the German way of life. ADK summer school for young learners, offers a safe, secure environment in the heart of the city of Augsburg. We are looking forward to welcoming new students in summer 2022. 


Our exciting leisure program in our summer courses offers teenagers the chance to learn German and have an unforgettable experience discovering Germany with their friends.

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Welcome to our German summer school

  • 2 weeks all inclusive  1140
  • German course + full program + full board accommodation in selected host families
  • Accommodation in hostels may be possible (please contact us for more information)
  • High quality language teaching and fair prices
  • Great choice of courses,
  • Personalised support and supervision
  • Small, multinational classes
  • A safe environment in Augbsurg, Bavaria
  • carefully selected host families
  • Interesting leisure programme to offer students the chance to discover Bavaria
  • Meet new friends and have fun: it’s a holiday after all!

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German summer school Augsburg

Course type

Summer course:   German Intensive course plus activities for young learners, 14-18 years



Augsburg, Bavaria (near Munich)


2 to 5 weeks


Elementary to advanced


8.45- 12.45, 4 days a week + full day trips on Wednesdays


20 45-minute lessons


12 to 14 students per class (max. 16)

Leisure programme

4 activities per week / 1 day trip / full supervision


Homestay in Host families, shared room with full board (breakfast, packed lunch, dinner)

Airport transfer: transfer on arrival and departure from Munich on request (55 one-way). Pick-up service for unaccompanied minors available on request

Course prices



2 weeks



3 weeks



4 weeks            





 Included in the course

  • Assessment test at the beginning of the course
  • Teaching materials
  • Certificate in the end
  • German course (20 lessons per week)
  • Accommodation in a host family  in a shared room + full board
  • Sports and culture activities 4 afternoons or evenings a week (including admission charges) 
  • 1 full day trip on Wednesdays (including admission charges)
  • Travel pass for local public transport 
  • Transfer from /to the train station (by the host family)

 Download Declaration under 18 as PDF here.

Download Arrival and pick-up as PDF here.

Please note: arrival & check-in is on the Sunday before the course starts between 5-7 p.m., departure/check-out on Saturday after course ends 12:00 the latest. If you cannot arrive at the scheduled time you must notify ADK, otherwise your accommodation cannot be guaranteed. There may be extra costs for early check-in, if available.

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Arriving at Augsburg - Transfer Services

Arrival in Munich Airport

On the Sunday at the beginning of each course, all students who have reserved transfers, and for whom travel details have been received, are met by a driver of the comissioned and authorized driver on arrival and escorted to their homestay accommodation.

Travel information

The flight details and time and place of arrival must be provided not less than 7 days before the Sunday of course commencement, and reconfirmed to us in the event of any change. Please fill out the enrolment form carefully:

  • Students name and emergency telephone number
  • Date & time of arrival
  • Flight number & airline
  • Departure airport & arrival airport
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Who will meet me at the airport in Munich?
A private driver of a company well known to ADK will be waiting for you at the airport, when you arrive,. They will be waiting right in front of your gate with a sign, to make sure that you find each other. To ensure your transfer, please let us know the exact date, time and flight number of your arrival at least 2 weeks before your arrival.

What time should I arrive?
Most students arrive on Sunday, if you are arriving on a Saturday, we will make a reservation for an extra day (21). Please let us know in advance if you are planning to arrive earlier or later than Sunday.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem?
You´ll get an emergency mobile number with the confirmation of your booking, which you can use to call our staff any time. Your teachers and tutors will be available even after class or activities if you have any questions. And don't forget you can also ask your host family in Augsburg, if you need help with anything.

Can my parents come with me?
This is, of course, possible. If your parents want us to make a hotel reservation we offer this service free of charge.

Accommodation and meals

Can I choose my room or roommate?
You can choose to share a room with a friend. We usually try to mix nationalities in our accommodation, to make sure that you speak German as much as possible.

German food
Food may not be the same as you are used to at home: Southern Europeans for example are often surprised that Germans eat so much for breakfast or have diner so early. We hope you enjoy German food and try a lot of sausages, cheese and Bavarian dishes. If you need a special diet or do not eat meat please let us know in advance.

What rules do I need to be aware of?

  • Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. Students younger than 16 are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke in public according to German law. Please respect that and don´t smoke in your bedrooms. If a student breaks the rules, they will be sent back home early at their own expense.
  • If you are 14 or older, you can go shopping on day trips and to separate from the group in pairs or groups of 3-4 people.

Your timetable, lessons and teachers

When do lessons start in the morning?
Lessons take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 8:30 am and 12:45 pm.

Who will be teaching me?
All teachers are German native speakers with university degrees in German language or literature. Your tutors for the leisure programme are mostly students (sports studies, German language or teacher training students). German is the only language spoken in class, and we use is the communicative approach. You´ll get all the corrections, grammar and vocabulary you need, but our priority is on active speaking.

How will you know what level is best for me?
A placement test on the first day will help us to assess your level of German. Important for your placement in a group is your level of German, not your age.

Will I get a certificate?
Yes, you will get a certificate, stating the duration and type of your course and your level of German.

Who will do my laundry?

Your host family can do your laundry and will provide towels.

Do I have to bring books?
No. We provide all teaching materials, and they are included in the price. The materials used are chosen to fit the age group.

How much pocket money should I bring?
Entrance fees, all activities and public transport are included, so you´ll only need to bring pocket money to spend on things like soft drinks, ice cream and shopping. We recommend bringing about €50 per week of your stay.

What type of clothes will I need?
Temperatures in summer are in the 20s and occasionally go up to 32°C in Germany, but evenings can be quite cool. In addition to standard clothing, please bring

  • Comfortable shoes, fit for long walks
  • Sport shoes for indoor use
  • A sweater
  • A waterproof coat or jacket
  • Swimwear

Medical care and insurance

What if I get sick?
The tutors have first-aid experience and can treat minor injuries. If you want to see a doctor, please contact your teachers or tutors immediately (or your host family at the weekend).

What kind of insurance should I have?
Please make sure that you bring proof of health insurance. When you have health insurance, you have to pay for medical treatment up-front, but will later be reimbursed. ADK is not responsible for any costs of medical treatment, and we strongly recommend taking out an insurance package which covers health care, third party liability, luggage and accidents.

What happens after I sent my booking?
You will receive a reply from us within 2 working days with an initial confirmation. Once we have received the deposit, we will send you accommodation details and the invoice.

What if I need a visa?
If you need a visa, we will send an invitation letter with the official confirmation of your booking. We can only issue the invitation after we have received full payment for the course. If your visa is rejected (which is very unlikely, as long as you meet all deadlines kept and submit all necessary documents). We will refund the full amount paid, except for an administration fee of 100.

We are available by phone  24 hours a day.

To find their driver, your daughter/son should look for a sign with their name on it.

If the driver is not there, please call us!

Advise your children not to leave the building and to wait at the agreed meeting point or gate.

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Terms and conditions / Summer courses


All participants are expected to behave appropriately towards host families, roommates, fellow students and all members of staff. If there are any major incidents of rule-breaking, either at school and or in the student's accommodation, ADK reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect. In case of inappropriate behaviour or violations of German laws (for example, theft, drug abuse, injuries to persons or damage of property), ADK reserves the right to exclude the participant from the course or program immediately. In this case, the expenses for early departure have to be paid by the participant or their legal guardians. ADK will not refund any payments.

Health Insurance

ADK can only accommodate participants in host families if they do not have any serious health conditions or unusual dietary requirements. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate participants who have to follow diets or require medical treatment.

Responsibility and due diligence

Bookings for participants under 18 years of age require written permission, signed by their parents or legal guardians. ADK neither has any obligation to supervise nor the obligation to exercise due care for adult or minor participants. In particular, the ADK staff, host families or supervisors cannot guarantee an all-round supervision of minor participants. The responsibility of ADK is limited to immediately notifying parents or the legal guardians if the participant’s behaviour is a cause for concern.


Complaints should be made during the stay to our office in Augsburg immediately. In the event that the matter is not resolved the client should hand in an immediate report in writing within two weeks after departure.