German intensive courses

Join our German Intensive courses all year round on 6-8 different levels from beginners (A1) to advanced (C1) in international groups.

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German intensive courses

Join our German Intensive courses all year round on 6-8 different levels from beginners (A1) to advanced (C1) in international groups.

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Beginners with prior knowledge can start a German course every Monday

German Intensive courses in our language school in Augsburg run all year round. Beginner courses start every month. All Levels available. Classes are taught by our highly qualified team of teachers. Quality guaranteed by continuous monitoring, quality certified language institute. Group stays, school trips in Bavaria. Learn German in Augsburg in a leading private institute all year round. Language learning holidays for school groups in Germany. We organise your language learning experience.

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German intensive courses / levels A1 to B2

  • Our teachers are “student-oriented” and enhance the lessons with additional practice material
  • Our students participate in goal setting
  • The school climate is very collegial and supportive
  • The activities in the classroom are also student-driven
  • The assessment is continuous and supportive
  • Teaching is “developmental” rather than “directive” and “presentational.”
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Intensive courses

German Intensive Course 25 lessons per week

Beginner without prior knowledge can start a  course on any Monday.

You can join our Intensive Course anytime throughout the year, and sign up for 2 weeks just as easily as for 12 months. We work with current textbooks in several volumes, so that you can continuously progress through the course. For advanced students, it is possible to join a course in progress at any time.

German Intensive courses all year round...

... on 6-8 different levels from beginners (A1) to advanced (C1) in international groups.

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German Intensive Course 25 lessons per week

These courses can be booked for anything between 2 weeks as well as for 12 months. We work with current textbooks in several volumes so that you can continuously progress through the different course levels. Our teachers enhance the lessons with material which is individually drawn up – didactically and methodically.

If there are places available: advanced students can join, at any point, a course which is already underway.

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Please ask for our specially reduced long term fees!

Students who already possess some degree of proficiency in German, sit a placement test which, along with a personal interview, will ensure that you end up on the “right” course. You should look at the process of learning German to be an active one on which we work together!

For beginners, lessons begin at once. We speak only German from the start in the lessons, thus you can dive into the language very quickly and you will soon stop translating into your mother tongue.

We are flexible and consider your personality as well as your learning profile: in case you feel unchallenged it is possible to change to a higher level after consultation.

Learn German in Germany

Although some aspects of German may seem difficult, once you break the language down, it’s not actually that hard. Thanks to regular patterns and easily recognizable rules, German grammar can be very straightforward. Yes, it takes some time to learn the rules and truly master them, but that’s the case with any language you might learn. Since English and German both come from the same family of Germanic languages, it’s also often easy to see the similarities between the two, which can make things easier. Simply by starting as a native English speaker, you’ll find that you already know hundreds of German words. You’ll also have the advantage of recognizing an abundance of words that are similar to their English equivalents.

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Course levels

We have lessons all-the-year at 6 different levels. You can start each Monday, if you learned German before and have previous knowledge. For absolute beginners we have got fixed starting dates.

In Basic Levels A1 and A2, you will learn to speak, write and read simple German. The basic vocabulary, introduction to the past tense and declension of nouns you learn, will be enough to enable simple conversation. Important grammatical constructions are built into the framework of the lessons which are orientated towards day-to-day usage and dialogue.

At Intermediate Level B1 and B2, more advanced pupils can broaden their vocabulary and deepen their understanding of the grammar. Listening comprehension and conversation will be practised in order to increase understanding in the new language as quickly as possible. Here, the use of authentic materials is even greater, and newspaper articles will be read in class followed by group discussion.

Each level can be completed in 8 week courses! Weekly progress tests and topical lesson material

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We are geared to an acknowledged system, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages by the Council of Europe.

This official pattern enables to find out where you stand in the language and how long it will take, to reach a certain level. You need, for example, without any precognition, attending an intensive course at 25 lessons per week, approximately 12 months to reach level C1.

It is distinguished between:

  • A1 and A2: elementary language use
  • B1 and B2: independent language use
  • C1 and C2: competent language use

Every course level can be completed in about 8 weeks!

A differentiated and exact placement test on your first Monday at ADK – containing one written and one oral part – ensures that we will find a class which corresponds your language level. Every Monday there is a short test taken in class which helps you to judge your progress. You can also consult your teacher at any time.

We work with the following books:

  • A1:Menschen Volume 1
  • A2: Menschen  Volume 2
  • B1: Menschen Volume 3
  • B2: Linie 1 Beruf B2
  • C1: Linie 1 Beruf C1
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The minimum age is 16

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At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate documenting your learning progress in the areas of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation and composition.

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25 lessons (each lesson is 45 minutes) from Monday to Friday: 8.45 - 12.45 !


Download "Levels" as PDF here.