Telc Deutsch C1 exam for advanced learners

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Telc Deutsch C1 exam for advanced learners

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telc Preparation

Students can prepare for the telc C1, both in the regular intensive courses, as well as in specific exam preparation courses.

Long term language courses to improve the required language skills: listening – speaking, reading, writing and intensive grammar.

The courses provide the best preparation for higher education in Germany. Experienced university lecturers teaching at our school have helped to make the course a real success. The exam results of our students are well above average. We also offer special TestDaF  preparation courses, which offer you the best possible training for the exam.

If you wish to pursue formal study in Germany, you will need to prove that you have sufficient knowledge of the language (at least a level C1). ADK takes a systematic approach to teaching students the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in higher education courses taught in German. In our intensive courses, we provide a thorough grounding in the grammar and language, which you need to master the German language.

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telc Exam Preparation for advanced learners

  • Years of experience and a high success rate
  • Multinational groups with other students of the same level
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Personalised advice, support and supervision
  • Practice test simulations
  • Studying in Augsburg, a beautiful, historic city and a manageable size
  • Our intensive preparation courses are recognized by official authorities in your country for your visa

Augsburg is a historic city with a modern feel, home to students, whose university, founded in 1970, features a modern campus with fields and lakes. Augsburg's manageable size makes it an ideal setting for students from other countries who want to come and learn German in Germany. There is a tram stop at the university campus, with regular trams every 5 minutes. The student population is around 11,000 students, about 10% of whom are international. The University of Augsburg offers subjects in every major academic field (Law, Ecology, Linguistics etc.)

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Our schedule in C1 exam preparation courses

  • 25 lessons in groups
  • Monday to Friday, 8:45 -12.45
  • Weekly progress tests
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Test preparation courses

The telc is a new, standardised test which is offered in 65 countries around the world and is internationally recognised. It is especially suited to those who wish to study at a university or higher education institution in Germany, or people who would just would like to have proof of their level of German for academic or professional purposes. The exam includes sections on reading and listening comprehension, and oral and written expression. TestDaF is an advanced level language test. The qualification corresponds to roughly a level C1, according to Council Europe European Language Portfolio, developed alongside the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You do not need to provide proof of your current level of German to register for the course. The test can be retaken as many times as you like.

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We offer you

  • Systematic and specialised preparation for all aspects of the exam
  • Training in exam technique and strategies
  • A comprehensive textbook, specifically designed and written for the exam.
  • Mock (practice) exams using past exams from the previous 10 years
  • Weekly mock exams, using an authentic past paper
  • At least 3 essay tasks per week, which are then discussed in detail

The workload for the Testdaf Preparation Course is heavy and for this reason, you need to have advanced level of fluency in German to do the course. Since the course gets booked up very quickly, you need to book early to make sure you get a space on the course.

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TestDaF measures your German fluency. The results of the exam are given in three bands (levels):

  • TestDaF Level 5 (TDN 5)
  • TestDaF Level 4 (TDN 4)
  • TestDaF Level 3 (TDN 3)

TDN 5 is the highest level. You need to achieve at least a TDN 3 to pass. If you achieve a Level 5, you can study at any university, college or higher education institution in Germany. With a Level 4 or 3, you may potentially be accepted.

Important: The TestDaF can be taken without prior registration at a university, or secondary school qualifications. Registration is a written application, and costs approximately 180. The results are posted in a written format 8 weeks after the exam.

Our TestDaF-Courses take place six times a year and finish right before the exam. Please make sure you meet the registration deadlines!

ADK has prepared students for the TestDaF-Exam successfully with:

  • Small groups with a similar level
  • Weekly practice tests
  • Experienced teachers
  • Individualised advice
  • Exam technique
  • Help with organisational  & administrative aspects (e.g. signing up)

The following four skills are tested separately, in order to establish a differentiated linguistic profile of achievement. The test results of the individual skills are written separately on the certificate:

Reading Comprehension

Read articles and answer corresponding questions – 3 texts at different levels of difficulty, various exercises and types of articles eg. compiling short texts, journalistic reports, scientific articles

Listening Comprehension 

3 listening comprehension exercises, eg. everyday dialogues head at university, interviews, with a variety of different types of questions

Written Expression 

Essays on a given topic, eg. descriptions of graphs or tables, individual viewpoints and explanations of reasons, clarifying opinions

Oral Expression

Asking questions, forming an argument, descriptions and debates. This part of the exam is recorded onto tape, not tested in person.

Every university or college has its own enrolment procedure. Please look into which TestDaF results are required for the institution of your choice before you apply.

These results can be found on the websites of some universities and colleges. Information about university and higher education study in Germany and contact details can be found on the following websites: